FAQS 1. Why do your desserts cost more than a cake from a grocery store?
We get this question often. It is a matter of convenience products versus from-scratch baking. Our desserts are at a higher price point as a result of the amount of time, quality of fresh ingredients, and level of expertise involved in making them. All of this translates to a visually stunning product that is also delicious.

2. What is the cost of your desserts?
Pricing is dependent upon the item and the level of decorating involved, but we are well-versed in giving quotes over the phone.

3. What flavors does Exquisite Desserts offer?
Because we are a from-scratch bakery and we make all of our desserts to order, we can accommodate any number of flavor needs. Similarly, our decorators are creative and talented and able to tackle any challenge, in terms of specialty cake design. While we do ask for more notice in order to make them, we are also able to make sugar free and gluten free desserts.

4. What types of desserts do you offer?
Just about anything in the realm of desserts. We make a variety of cakes, tarts, tortes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, blondies, lemon bars, individual portion desserts, petite pastries and more.

5. What are your most popular flavors?
While our list of possible flavors is nearly limitless, we have some favorites that continue to be regular sellers. For chocolate lovers, our big hit is Chocolate Decadence, which is chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache, garnished with chocolate shavings and fresh berries. We also do a Toffee Coffee Crunch Cake and a great Tiramisu. For lighter summery tastes, we make Lemon Raspberry Coconut Cake, as well as our Strawberry Carousel, which includes vanilla mousse and fresh strawberries. We make an amazing Carrot Cake as well as Red Velvet, both of which are accompanied by our delicious cream cheese frosting. Where tarts are concerned, our Key Lime can’t be beat and we do an excellent Lemon Meringue. We also sell a variety of traditional tarts, like Apple Streusel and Cherry Lattice, and we do seasonal tarts, including a Fresh Berry Tart with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and mango.